450SR S

Play to win

The 450SR S is an exhilarating embodiment of raw power and precision, igniting not just your senses but every inch of your being with an electrifying surge of adrenaline. This motorcycle's evolutionary aerodynamic design goes beyond aesthetics, unleashing its dynamic prowess to shave away precious seconds, redefining the boundaries of speed and performance.

The aerodynamic contours, meticulously crafted and refined, not only enhance the bike's visual appeal but also contribute to its exceptional performance.

Conquering every curve becomes a visceral experience as you lean into the turns, adopting a dynamic and aerodynamic diving posture that perfectly complements the bike's design

450SR S
Available colours of the 450SR S

Available colours

Highlight Features


Continuously inspired by professional racing, the 450SR S undergoes a transformative exterior upgrade, optimizing aerodynamics. The addition of a single swing arm enhances both sleek aesthetics and racing capabilities, providing unparalleled stability and responsiveness.

The evolution extends to upgraded front wings, now resembling hollowed-out shark fins. This not only adds a touch of predatory allure but also promotes smooth airflow, reducing drag for optimal aerodynamic efficiency and an elevated riding experience.

In essence, the 450SR S transcends being just a high-performance motorcycle; it's a symphony of design elements inspired by the racetrack, ensuring each ride is a thrilling blend of speed, precision, and visual impact.

The bike in action
Technical Specifications



2-cylinder inline, liquid-cooled, DOHC


449.5 cm³

Maximum Power

34.5kW @ 9250rpm

Maximum Torque

39.3 Nm / 7750 rpm



Length x Width x Height

1995 x 715 x 1140 mm


1370 mm

Seat Height

795 mm

Fuel Capacity

14 L

Curb Weight

179 kg

Chassis/ Suspension

Rim (Front/Rear)

3.0 x 17MT 4.0 x 17 MT

Front Tyre

110/70 R17, CST ADRENO HS AS5

Rear Tyre

150/60 R17, CST ADRENO HS AS5

Front Suspension

37 Upside down telescopic fork
adjustable damping

Rear Suspension

Central Shock

Front/Rear Suspension Stroke

120mm / 130mm (shock travel)

Front Brake

320 mm Single disck
Brembo M40

Rear Brake

220mm Single disc,
Single-piston floating caliper,HANGTE



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