Cool Life

Welcome to the epitome of cruising excellence – the CFMOTO 450CL-C. More than just a cruiser motorcycle, it represents the perfect fusion of intricate detailing and timeless classic design. This exceptional ride seamlessly blends the essence of a cruiser with the spirit of boundless freedom, creating an unparalleled experience on the road.

In the saddle of the 450CL-C, it's not merely about comfort; it's about the pursuit of your true self. Feel the wind in your hair, hear the rumble of the engine, and experience the liberating sensation of the open road. The CFMOTO 450CL-C invites you to embrace the cool life of cruising – where every ride is a celebration of style, freedom, and the true essence of self.

£ 5,599.- *

*inc VAT, delivery to dealer, PDI, registration and 12 months Road Fund Licence


Available colours

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Highlight Features


Escaping the confines of prevailing labels like "sophisticated" and "mature" saturating the market, the 450CL-C design champions uniqueness with its sleek, smooth, and minimalist lines.

This cruiser motorcycle boldly challenges conventional expectations, breaking free from the stereotype of sombre and gloomy impressions associated with traditional designs. It fearlessly embraces bold and youthful colour schemes, serving as a vibrant expression of the rider's passion for the open road. The 450CL-C is embellished with 36 metal parts, 7 nameplates, and 2 meticulously crafted brushed aluminum panels. The polished fuel tank cap stands out with its mirror-like shine, intricate gears, and flawless engravings. The 1989 nameplate and silver ring logo side covers elegantly showcase the mechanical prowess of this exceptional motorcycle.

The bike in action
CFMOTOT450CL-C Fueltank
CFMOTOT450CL-C Fueltank
Technical Specifications


Engine Type

2-Cylinder, Water-cooled, DOHC





Maximum Power

32.5 kW 9000rpm

Maximum Torque

42 Nm 6250rpm

Clutch Type

Wet multi plate, Slipper Clutch


Mechanical Throttle

Chassis/ Suspension


Steel Tube

Direction Handle

Intergrated Handlebar

Front Tyre

130/90-R16 M/C CST, MT 3.0×16

Rear Tyre

150/80-R16 M/C CST, MT 3.5×16

Front Suspension

Upside Down Telescopic Fork

Rear Suspension

Center Aligned Shock

Rear Fork

Dual-Swing Arm

Front/Rear Suspension Stroke


Front Brake

Ø320mm Single Discs 4-radial calipers J.Juan

Rear Brake

Ø220mm Single Discs J.Juan

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